Subterranean Services


What is it?

Increasing demand for higher density above ground has led to city planners looking below the surface. Creating a two-layered district, with key services and logistics running underground, can negate a number of issues while allowing for increased density above ground. Creating a subterranean layer also allows for effective water recycling in public space.

Parking need not take up space above ground. Automated parking systems currently in operation show that the required footprint of high capacity parking can be minimal.

Local delivery and collection within a community frequently causes issues with traffic congestion, pollution and delivery failure. With deliveries and logistics centralised, utilising a subterranean network serviced by Autonomous Vehicles for the last mile, the heavy volume of traffic servicing businesses, homes and essential services such as waste collection can be taken away from the doorstep.

A subterranean network of service corridors can be created, enabling ease of access for maintenance and providing scalability without impacting the public realm space above. Meanwhile, buildings can be ‘plugged in’ to services below ground.

Commercial and residential deliveries can be automated and interactive……never miss a delivery again!

How to do it

• Analysis of required services including space requirements and site access points

• Layered approach to design, including a site logistics centre

• Vendor/Manufacturer engagement

• Coordination between services and monitoring tools.

• Single platform for all subterranean logistics (air traffic control)

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