Bloomberg New York

Bloomberg tasked PTS with defining, developing and implementing lobby technology that would blend in seamlessly with the architects renovation vision.



USA, New York


When one visits the Bloomberg corporate headquarters building at 731 Lexington avenue in NYC you are immediately directed to the 6th floor lobby, or Link as it’s known, to start the visit. It is there that a visitor will make their connection and get their introduction to the Bloomberg corporate culture. PTS was given the task of defining, developing and implementing lobby technology that would blend in seamlessly with the architects renovation vision. The goal was to impress but not overwhelm. Bloomberg wanted visitors to continue to feel at home as well as informed,  in the space that many consider the heart of the building.

The initial concept was to create an integrated set of displays surrounding the lobby, thus yielding a multimedia canvas spanning the entire space for the content creators to tell their story. After many design iterations, product evaluations and stakeholder input, a final design was agreed upon. On both the East and West ends of the lobby, above the pantries, are mounted two 17’ x 5’, 1.9mm pixel pitch Planar seamless LED video walls. One of these, on each side, is curved to match the flow of the architecture.  In between the pantries, at the north end of the lobby, the apex of the horseshoe, is a 42’ x 11’ 2.6mm pixel pitch Planar seamless LED video wall. This display is also curved to match the shape and flow of the lobby structure. A centralized, Analog Way video wall processor provides the flexibility and horsepower needed to drive all of the displays whether separately or in any combination to create a truly flexible digital canvas.

The design and implementation of this project spanned roughly 2 ½ years and includes advanced security system and IT infrastructure design as well as several conference rooms and huddle spaces. It is a true testament to the entire construction team that the project schedule was only minimally impacted by the COVID shutdown.  The $4.5m technology upgrade will be complete in May 2021.

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