Boston, Massachusetts


The Client previously leveraged manual processes to capture project data and lacked standardised processes and procedures to manage projects and programmes. Reliance upon a SharePoint site for storing all data meant a significant inability to enable appropriate collaboration and cohesive data-driven support capabilities necessary to successfully manage and track projects to successful closure. 

PTS Solutions

As part of a wider delivery programme, the PTS Governance & Project Management function developed a practical, low-cost solution as an alternative to costly, state-of-the-art Portfolio and Project Management tools. Built under an agile approach, with rapid development and deployment cycles using Python code, PTS aggregated all the existing Project Plan data into standardised programme views and reports. This enabled easier analysis of the 58 project plans while integrating specific project change issues and project change request records.

The Programme Governance Office was able to:

  • Assess projects against standards
  • Ensure adherence to project governance policies
  • Ensure alignment across all projects
  • Facilitate team communication
  • Provide visibility into programme performance
  • Perform an in-depth analysis of project portfolio data
  • Assess current baselines
  • Analyse the effect of changes
  • Use the data to effectively manage and track programme change


  • Eliminated project redundancies and improved accuracy with greater efficiency in reporting and control
  • Delivered greater Client insight and improved visibility at the programme level for senior executives and programme sponsors
  • Increased ability to assess the cost of organisational change to the programme at large and tie project performance to business goals and objectives

Robust Governance and Project Management eliminate project redundancies and improve accuracy and efficiency in reporting and control, whilst increasing the ability to assess the cost of organisational change. 

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