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The Client faced challenges keeping its device inventory tool current. Its resources were extended making it a challenge to add this work effort to the team’s deliverables. Recent turnover made Subject Matter Expert (SME) knowledge limited in some cases. The complexities of a large global organisation introduced unforeseeable roadblocks throughout the effort.

PTS Solutions

PTS used our expertise in project management and analytical skills to work through the device inventory tool’s accuracy issues to identify each applications current state. PTS became the authoritative source of contacts, escalations, resolutions, statuses, and scope in the Lifecycle Remediation programme. PTS completed circa 130 full application discoveries for the Client to ensure the correct inventory of systems was submitted through the PTS remediation factory. PTS also established a Business as Usual (BAU) process to enable the Client to perform self-Discovery and updating of Configuration Management Database entries going forward.


  • Trued-up device history in the device inventory tool for the Client’s most critical applications  
  • Definitive scope declaration for project effort  
  • Identified opportunities to replace expensive, at-risk, non-supported platforms

Service Discovery and Technical Debt Remediation expertise true-up device history for critical applications and identify opportunities to replace expensive, at-risk, non-supported platforms.

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