A collaborative environment for a newly merged fin-tech company



London, EMEA


Finastra’s new Paddington office space brings together Mysis and D+T within one cohesive space that enables and promotes communication and collaboration throughout.  


• Collaborative spaces

• Secure environment with CCTV and Panic Buttons

• State-of-the-art Customer Experience centre

• Flexible, future-proof infrastructure


“One cohesive space that enables and promotes communication and collaboration throughout. “


Technology solutions, including networks and collaboration tools, help bring two Fin-tech companies together in one tech-enriched, collaborative environment. The pervasive system allows users to integrate across three floors of office space, meeting rooms, individual workplaces and breakout areas.

Security solutions, including access control, CCTV, and panic buttons linking to the Landlord’s system protect the new office space and the people within it.

The new building also features a state-of-the-art customer experience centre. Built to showcase the newly formed company’s latest endeavours, the customer experience centre allows Finastra to enhance and grow its brand reputation and loyalty.

Providing Finastra with flexible infrastructure and a frictionless environment that brings people together that brings people together, the Client has a platform and a technology-rich environment to grow, adapt and establish itself as a leading Fintech organisation in an area already home to technology and finance giants, Microsoft and Visa.

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