NextGen Trader Voice

Telephony for trading floors has always been a complex and expensive business. This is primarily due to the fact that it is a niche requirement, has a limited customer base in the financial sector (less than 200,000 user globally) and is a very proprietary product set, which differs significantly from manufacturer to manufacturer. It has also been an ‘infrastructure heavy’ solution, which in many respects showed during the extended remote working period we have all endured since March 2020.

PTS has helped its clients successfully deliver transformation projects for over 120,000 trading positions across 150 plus trading floors globally in 27 countries.

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Remote working has never been a significant requirement of trader voice solutions, apart from satisfying a Business Continuity Plan in the event of a disaster. However, the ability of trader voice systems to have a robust feature set for this has now emerged due to the pandemic, forcing banks to consider their NextGen Trader Voice solutions.

Manufacturers are now developing their WebRTC solutions (if not already there), which is the current protocol used by most of the communication and collaboration tools we have all been using working remotely during the ongoing pandemic (Teams, Zoom, etc.). However, this is unchartered territory for Trader Voice technology teams within banks and as such presents significant challenges.

PTS can help you understand and overcome these challenges; help you develop your short, medium, and long-term strategy for NextGen Trader Voice, review the market, procure, and implement.

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