Aga Khan

Invisible technology respects and serves a calming sanctuary for learning



London, UK


The Aga Khan Education Hub is a white limestone beacon that connects to a ribbon of green spaces in the Kings Cross regeneration areas in the heart of London’s Knowledge Quarter. Built as a centre for learning cultural exchange and insight into Muslim Cultures, the 10,000 sqm building provides a calming sanctuary that in an era of frayed relations aims to reflect the Islamic values of ‘openness, dialogue and respect for pluralism.’  


• Technology Strategy, Design and Implementation

• State-of-the-art technology including Lecture Capture facilities

• Retractable screens and projectors maintaining calm, clean building architecture

• Broadcast and mirroring features help students to collaborate

• Clean and calming space with seamless technology integration


• New London Architect Awards 2019 – People’s Choice Awards

“A calming sanctuary that in an era of frayed relations aims to reflect the Islamic values of ‘openness, dialogue and respect for pluralism.’  


Early engagement with the Client and Architects helped outline a clear technology strategy to support the Clients vision: A serene, calming space that promotes the Islamic values of openness, dialogue and pluralism. Working closely with the architects ensured each area took into consideration the technology requirements to deliver the optimum learning experience.

Screens and projectors automatically retract into the ceiling when not in use, helping to maintain a clean space. AV solutions support a range of flexible spaces allowing teachers and students to adapt spaces to their needs without losing access to supporting technology. With broadcast and mirroring facilities in presentation areas, the Centre can extend its audience beyond the four walls of the room to other audiences with the building or other Aga Khan Centres.

The ninth floor of the building is home to a high-quality presentation room. Here, PTS developed a bespoke automated projector system which, through rigorous attention to detail, sits completely flush with the angled ceiling.   

Taking inspiration from traditional Islamic architecture, with courtyards and motifs throughout, the space, provides a calming sanctuary within the hustle and bustle of the capital. Throughout, technology discretely enriches the environment, supporting its users and boosting communication and the transfer of knowledge far beyond the confines of the building.

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