A highly collaborative work environment helps to attract and retain staff and to grow the business



London, UK


Following the success of over 20 years of projects with PTS, Investec engaged PTS to turn its vision of a highly collaborative work environment into a reality. From the initial RIBA stages, PTS worked with the Client, exploring how technology could support employees as well as the Client’s overall ambitions for growth and talent retention and attraction.


• Digital Signage & Room Booking Systems

• Collaboration Spaces & technology

• Flexible IT infrastructure

• Future-proof network

• Pervasive Wi-Fi and 4G coverage

“Users work collaboratively within a choice of spaces, from large meeting rooms, and divisible spaces.”


AV solutions, including digital signage, room booking systems and video conferencing facilities, complement a range of work environments. Users work collaboratively within a choice of spaces, from large meeting rooms, and divisible spaces, to smaller more intimate and informal collaboration areas. For each area, PTS considered the impact each environment could have on the audio quality of video and teleconferencing systems before working to find intuitive solutions that overcome challenges and provide the optimum meeting experience.

Underpinning employee’s ability to work throughout a choice of space is the flexible IT infrastructure and network. PTS implemented the future-proof network allowing the new office to evolve as Investec seeks to adopt new technologies in the future. Pervasive Wi-Fi and 4G coverage throughout ensure employees can always connect to services regardless of where they are, whether they’re taking a break in the restaurants, enjoying the views from the roof terraces or getting on with day-to-day tasks within the general office areas.

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