London 2012

IT & Audio Visual consultancy services including the provision of facilities for broadcasters and all three phases of the building life cycle – pre-games, overlay & legacy.



London, UK


PTS are very proud to be associated with two of the permanent landmark venues within the Olympic Park. PTS were appointed to the project in 2007 when the Olympic Park was still at the outline planning stages. We were selected to provide IT & Audio Visual Consultancy services with responsibilities including the provision of facilities for broadcasters and all three phases of the building life cycle – pre-games, Overlay & Legacy.

Reporting ultimately to the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA), PTS was appointed as part of the design teams for two of the most prestigious and iconic permanent venues in the 2012 Olympic Park. We were approached initially by Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) for the London Aquatics Centre and subsequently by BDSP Services Engineers for the Velodrome to act as Multimedia and ICT Consultants. Both of our clients had won architectural competitions to design these venues.

Our integrated approach allowed us to use a common cabling infrastructure to support a wide range of technical services within both buildings.


  • Video display boards for timing & results (infrastructure only)
  • Video replay boards (infrastructure only)
  • Broadcast camera provisions including finish line cameras
  • Certified timing systems and equipment including timing loops
  • Multi-zoned Public Address systems to spectator areas
  • Full range system for “field of play”
  • Paging systems for staff and event use
  • Infrastructure provisions for broadcast and the media
  • Infrastructure for Velopark to include BMX & road cycling
  • Provisions for the media and commentators
  • Television reception & distribution systems (all high definition)
  • Content Distribution Network
  • Background music systems – café & concessions
  • Electronic systems and designs to ensure compliance with Part M DDA regulations
  • Provisions for Simultaneous Interpretation systems in the Media Centre
  • Common Cabling Infrastructure for each venue
  • Fireproof cabling infrastructure of Voice Alarm and PA systems
  • Long-term flexibility
  • Incoming voice and data service (incl. carrier equipment rooms)
  • Wireless system (Public Access)
  • In-House Voice and Data System
  • Event Voice and Data Expansion (interface with site wide infrastructure)
  • Point of Sale System (Legacy)

Cabling Infrastructure

Early on in the design process, PTS agreed, in conjunction with the ODA, to establish a common cabling infrastructure for the venues and to endeavour to put as many services as practical onto the common cabling solution. Cat 6a twisted pair cabling was chosen as the most appropriate solution for voice, data, Wi-Fi, security, CCTV, audio, and access control.

The harsh and humid environment of the London Aquatics Centre presented particular challenges, where the risk of a chemical attack could drastically shorten the life expectancy of the system. Additional cabling infrastructure was also required for the venue-wide Public Address and Voice Alarm systems provided for the Velodrome. This mission-critical life-safety system required a fully fault monitored, fireproof cabling solution. A central fibre infrastructure provided ultra-high performance and ensured that the system would support all foreseeable data transmission requirements, including uncompromised HD video.

Data Centre Design

PTS also undertook a significant Data Centre design for the London Aquatics Centre. During Overlay mode, this needed to house all of the operational, management, booking, and security services for a significant part of the Olympic Park. Forming a key part of the overall park IT infrastructure, the Data Centre provided high levels of resilience to ensure robust operation during the games.

The solution provides the legacy Client with long-term flexibility. This is reflected in the ease with which the London Aquatics Centre is being converted to its legacy use as both a community swimming and sports facility and an international competition venue.


PTS successfully leveraged the experience of its team in Multimedia and IT to ensure that the resulting design met both the extreme demands of the venues during the games themselves (overlay mode) and then the subsequent conversion to their legacy uses. We brought our extensive venue experience to bear on the project and were able to provide advice and guidance to other members of the design team.

The result is a totally coherent and resilient set of interoperating technologies that ensure the venues will continue to provide long-term flexibility with low operational and conversion costs. This is especially important for venues of this nature where the legacy roles are so diverse-being a local leisure centre one week and hosting international level water-sports competitions the next.

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