London Mithraeum

Bringing a 3rd Century Roman temple to life using the latest in AV and interactive archiving



London, UK


The London Mithraeum forms part of a museum dedicated to showcasing some of the 14,000 artifacts found on the site of Bloomberg’s London HQ during its excavation. Keeping in line with its technology-rich workplace, the Museum, designed to pay homage to the site’s Roman heritage, uses innovative technology solutions to tell the story of the cult of Mithras.


• Robust IT infrastructure to support state-of-the-art AV technologies

• Interactive podiums and screens give detailed information about archives and artifacts

• Automated lighting and soundscapes bring focus to areas of interest and create a fully immersive experience

• Holograms bring exhibits to life in 3d, allowing visitors rare insight and interaction with 3rd-century Roman artifacts

The site’s Roman heritage uses innovative technology solutions to tell the story of the cult of Mithras.


The Museum, completed in conjunction with Local Projects, an American Company specialising in museum designs, features interactive podiums and screens as well as innovative AV solutions to shed light on Roman life in the Wallbrook area and the Cult of Mithras itself.

The Museum’s most immersive technology is found within the Mithraeum itself, carefully restored to its former location. Here, lights, sounds, chanting, holograms, and smoke recreate a mysterious ambiance of the underground template, giving visitors a sense of life on the Bloomberg site in the 3rd Century AD.

These discrete, yet impactful AV solutions, help Bloomberg bring the 2000-year old temple back to life in a way that reflects its flair for innovation and technical excellence. The London Mithraeum is free to visit and has so far welcomed over 50,000 visitors since opening in November 2017.

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