Keeping Sheltair flying during Hurricane Irma



New York, USA


The PTS Managed Services team successfully executed a disaster recovery scenario so that Sheltair could remain operational as Hurricane Irma made landfall. The airline had a crucial role to play in sending aid to the affected area, therefore ensuring business continuity was critical to helping the region in the aftermath of the Category 5 storm.


  • Diversification of the company’s Data Centres
  • Leveraged the benefits of the PTS private cloud to manage business-critical applications and platforms
  • Execution of the Business Continuity Plan
  • Uninterrupted flight operations as South Florida Data Centre was taken offline
  • Successful cut-over of technical services to ensure user access
  • Sheltair could help the US Government with relief efforts following the hurricane

“PTS built its Global Managed Services practice precisely for times like this and the Sheltair Disaster Recovery sprint was a well-coordinated and resourced PTS global effort.”


Americas Head of Managed Services, Patrick Mullevey concluded: “Companies like Sheltair that have the foresight to implement business continuity solutions and adopt technology in innovative ways can be confident that they have support services to safeguard their critical data during a catastrophic event like Hurricane Irma.

PTS built its Global Managed Services practice precisely for times like this, and the execution of Sheltair’s Business Continuity plan was a well-coordinated and resourced PTS global effort. The Global MS Team consists of 60 people worldwide and the leadership, expertise, resolve and passion each member has to support our clients when they need it most, enabled PTS to make this critical initiative a success.

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