Standard Life Aberdeen

Award-winning office space brings two organisations together through the One-Campus initiative



Edinburgh, Scotland


Standard Life Aberdeen’s award-winning office space provides the newly merged organisation with an innovative space that brings it workforce together through the One Campus initiative.


• Collaborative environment

• Flexible IT infrastructure

• Spaces FCA compliant

• New AV Technologies


• British Council for Offices – Workplace Fit-Out Project of the Year, Scotland

“Complete with more open and cellular office spaces, the new workspace provides a better balance between collaborative and private spaces, compliant with FCA regulations.”


The One Campus Initiative brings together Standard Life’s staff, approximately 1000 employees and executives, together under one new office space. Built within a historical Edinburgh district, the workspace connects users through the latest AV technologies, implemented upon a robust IT infrastructure. Built with changes in mind, the flexible IT infrastructure will support the company and allow the organisation to grow, adapt and evolve over the years to come.

To ensure technology and the supporting infrastructure meets the needs of the Client and its staff, PTS worked closely with Standard Life Aberdeen to understand its technology ambitions. The team, then designed, developed, procured and implemented solutions best suited to drive a frictionless experience across the 100,000 sq. ft site.

Complete with more open and cellular office spaces, the new workspace provides a better balance between collaborative and private spaces, compliant with FCA regulations. Breakout areas, including restaurants and terraces combined with intuitive communication tools, facilitate collaboration and knowledge transfer across the business, helping to bring the two organisations together.

With PTS on board, the Client benefited from a safe pair of hands which allowed the project to remain on track despite the challenges presented by the merger of Standard Life Investments and Aberdeen Asset Management midway through the project. The merger required late changes to meeting room sizes and office spaces and as well as a new understanding of the Client’s ambitions as it sought to create a space that will allow both organisations to thrive under one name.

The mixed-use development is estimated to add over £200 million to the Scottish economy. BCO, The British Council for Offices recognised the project’s success in 2018, awarding Standard Life Aberdeen with a regional award for Workplace Fit Out Project of the Year.

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