Sumi Agro Europe

PTS Consulting provides a clear path to realise Client’s vision to transform the business through ERP Solutions



London, UK


Sumi Agro had already initiated a programme to consolidate the various Management Information Systems (MIS) currently operating across the organisation. Having not previously embarked on a project of this scale, Sumi Agro looked to engage with an external organisation to assist with the process.

The Highights

  • Gaining buy-in from the organisation around Europe
  • Support establishing mechanism, routines and tools that could engage the business and enable the transformation
  • A structured approach to project progress  reporting and management tools
  • Consensus-driven evaluation and selection activity
  • Fully developed roadmap to complete the project

“We appointed PTS because their approach was open and consultative; they didn’t bring the answer and impose it upon us, they worked with us to find the answer personal to us. They provided a single, solid and continuous team from the beginning of the project through to the closure. We frequently used their offices for meeting with the suppliers; this placed us in a more powerful position in regards to the negotiations. Alone, the cost savings achieved during contract negotiations fully paid for the PTS fees in taking us through this process.”- Steve Parrianen, General Manager at Sumi Agro Europe

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The biggest concern with most organisations around ERP programmes is the fear that the business, as a whole or individual departments, will reject or disrupt the process. In the case of this ERP project, the business is now fully engaged and supportive of both the business case and the product and supplier chosen. Sumi Agro has recognised the value that PTS has brought to the project, in terms of structure and direction, and the high degree of certainty around cost, quality, and project timing.

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