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The Enterprise Cyber Recovery Vault

6th October 2021

Smart Campus Strategy

14th October 2020

The ingredients of a Smart Campus are already available....The challenge is following the right recipe.

Technology and the Evolution of Office Space

11th June 2020

We are transitioning to a new office experience that demands an evolution of the standard commercial building and transformation of our physical space

Subterranean Services

10th June 2020

Increasing demand for higher density above ground has led to city planners looking below the surface

Sustainable Energy Strategy

9th June 2020

As the Electric Vehicle (EV) grows in its popularity, the energy strategy needs to grow too

Smart Waste Management

8th June 2020

Enabling proactive waste management and monitoring using IoT can help achieve environmental goals and improve user experience and wellbeing

AV over IP

16th March 2020

The trend for more robust and forgiving networks is still on the rise. Our AV Experts assess the latest and greatest from Integrated Systems Europe 2020

The PTS Smart Scale

16th March 2020

Gain perspective and understand the tangible benefits and opportunities of Smart

Defining Edge Architecture

1st March 2020

Defining Edge Architecture and clearing up the myth around its relationship with 5G

Smart Roads

4th February 2020

The opportunity to turn roads and pathways into energy-generating assets and increase driver and pedestrian safety

Video Everywhere

22nd September 2020

The place of video content and digital signage in our everyday environments

Creating Meaningful Experiences

23rd July 2020

The latest in integrated software and development of advanced systems and interfaces that can improve the user experience

Returning to Campus…Safely

9th July 2020

The importance of safety and security in making progress to a new normal for Higher Education

HE & Covid-19: The New Normal

29th June 2020

How universities can utilise technology innovation and strategic planning to adapt to the changes and even flourish next Academic Year.

Tec Man

10th June 2020

We discuss where technology can help us to shift from ‘touch’ focused interactions to enabling contactless, frictionless experiences.

100% Happiness

27th May 2020

We discuss how our workspace can deliver better productivity and wellbeing, and should be measured against a host of other metrics to ensure they are relevant, especially in a post COVID-19 world.

Moving from Disaster Recovery to Business Continuity

12th May 2020

A virtual round table session to discuss planning for increased demand with best practices in digital infrastructure and strategy.

Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

27th April 2020

The latest expertise in utilising data to make decisions that impact workplace design, employee experience and investment in Real Estate.

The Hipsters Will Survive

9th April 2020

We discuss the teams recent trip to Integrated Systems Europe 2020 and the Smart Buildings Conference in Amsterdam

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