PTS contributes to the Mix Design Collective

The Romantic. The Storyteller. The Individualistic. PTS works with Basha-Franklin to create a single space that caters to all three at the Mix Design Collective.


In December 2019, PTS attended and exhibited at the Mix Design Collective, a design and networking event showcasing the best of commercial interiors and product design.

PTS worked as part of the collaborative team involved in creating Interior Designers Basha-Franklin’s Living Space. The room, featuring a dining and living area, focuses on the needs of three individuals: The Romantic, The Storyteller and the Individualistic.

Clever design and technology solutions, help split the room into these three areas without taking away from the open plan nature of the space. Sound masking enhances and mutes audio and music depending on where you are in the room. Sensors automatically adjust the lighting as you sit down in the reading corner.

Each aspect of the room was carefully curated, from the art displayed on the screen, to the panelling, lighting and AV solutions. The collaborative approach brought Basha-Franklin’s vision to life creating a subtle, interactive experience for visitors.

Working with Basha-Franklin on the Living space example demonstrated how PTS’s smart technology solutions apply to different scenarios, augmenting experiences beyond the work environment.

This was PTS’s first time at the event which highlighted the impact close collaboration between designers and technology consultants has on creating seamless experiences. Through subtle and automated solutions, technology enables users to immerse themselves within the space without disruptions or distractions.

Contributors Included

  • Basha-Franklin
  • Forbo Flooring Systems
  • Bancroft Soft Furnishings
  • CMS Danskin Acoustics
  • Vitra
  • Delta Light
  • Earth Anatomy Europe
  • Sound Directors
  • ProAV

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