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CHQ has designed and overseen delivery of physical security systems for the new £17m European headquarters of Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) in Uxbridge, West London.

The Challenges

The initial remit was to conduct a threat and vulnerability assessment for CCE which CHQ communicated to a broad range of stakeholders. Civils work involved a replacement of the façade of this town centre building which is an integral part of a train and bus transport hub.

The project illustrates CHQ’s ability to work closely with architects who were designing a ‘back-to-frame’ refurbishment.

PTS Solutions

Widening remit beyond tender

After delivery of the assessment, CCE asked CHQ to create a fully coordinated design solution for a mitigation strategy of electronic and physical measures.
CHQ effectively became part of the Client’s management team when reviewing costs, quality and technological compliance of security installers bidding for the £600,000 project. Throughout this process, the Client required that CHQ should reach out to various stakeholders to explain the new processes and protocols.
‘Not a Fortress’

The operational requirement was to optimise security while avoiding oppressive procedures and intrusive equipment. The Client impressed on CHQ the need to balance depth of security systems with availability of the property and assets to staff and legitimate visitors in a safe, confidential environment.

Corporate-wide access control was a prerequisite but the system had to coexist with CCE’s outward-facing brand image. There were also inherent on-site risks, including shared access rights with another organisation.

CCE’s corporate culture is known for demanding optimum, coordinated solutions from all technology suppliers; image and detail are overriding concerns.

The security design at Enterprises House covers:

  • Access control
  • Video Managements
  • Intruder alarms
  • Control room with broad situational awareness
  • Multi-tenanted parking including ANPR
  • Public address and voice alarm (PA/VA)
  • Context-sensitive help points

It was a pre-requisite that CCTV – predominantly miniature dome cameras – should be discreet in order to meet not only the demands of the CCE brand but the aesthetic concerns of refurbishment architects MHBC. CHQ were also required to collaborate with civils contracts Kier Regional and the Client’s own IT and AV departments.

Tiered Access Control
CHQ’s response was a tiered, covert security strategy that ensures monitored, layered access to work spaces and resources. The Honeywell Pro-Watch® security suite (a worldwide solution for CCE) was used for intrusion alarm and access control employing iCLASS smart

Graduated role-Specific Access Control
This tiered, hierarchical access control solution distinguishes between areas in terms of vulnerability and strategic importance with even elevator lobbies forming part of an internal secure line of access rights to floors in the building.

‘Tier Zero’ areas include public space adjacent to the building while key areas such as post and comms rooms require multiple levels of authorisation before an individual (whose job profile must be appropriate) can gain entry. In this way, the systems at Enterprises House operate on a ‘need-to-have’ and ‘need-to-be-there’ basis.

Similarly, vehicles can only cross certain lines after satisfying surveillance and having authorisation. CHQ designed detailed car parking security, including ANPR and high-speed vehicle shutters, to cope with the complication of multi-tenant parking areas.

Analysis of Exceptional Events
The solution includes passive and active security measures. Recurring activities are automatically managed while exceptional occurrences are presented to both video analytics software and security staff for event evaluation and handling.

Handover and Carbon Footprint
The project was handed over to the Client in January 2013 after a one-year process during which security systems were installed alongside the £17m civils works.
Enterprises House has been judged ‘Excellent’ under the BREEAM

The Result

CCE has a vision “to provide an enjoyable and safe environment for all visitors and employees on Coca Cola Enterprises sites”. Through the help of CHQ, the Client was able to realise this vision, and can now reap the value of the following:

  • Unification of previously disparate security systems into convergent solution managed to a common purpose
  • Effective communication for disseminating standardised security practice company-wide
  • Proportionate measures after threat and vulnerability assessment answering ‘why?’ as well as ‘what?’
  • Response to exacting challenge of vehicle identification in multi-tenancy space
  • Demonstrable duty of care to staff through technology as well as HR measures
  • Confidence that security solutions meet known world-class standards in all over operations

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