PTS Managed Services assists a Global Credit Card Processor in moving to new PCI Gateway



London, UK


eMerchantPay had been processing credit cards by renting the use of a PCI gateway, and had grown to a large enough size to want to set up their own gateway customised to accommodate additional financial products. eMerchantPay’s preferred method was to utilise UK based Data Centre space to provide a non-stop setup load balanced and fault tolerant across two Data Centres.


  • Establishment of budget for hardware and Data Centre space and connectivity
  • Plan of works for the design, implementation and project management of PCI process, technical aspects and security requirements
  • Implementation and configuration of  infrastructure
  • On-going 24/7 support

“PTS was able to use its existing monitoring system for the PCI gateway environments in order to reduce the costs for eMerchantPay for that part of the project. PTS’ solution allowed for significant savings to be realised, as well as allowing eMerchantPay to become fully PCI compliant and FSA regulated.”


A comprehensive audit by a PCI assessor at eMerchantPay and PTS offices achieved the goals set out by eMerchantPay, who was also impressed by the professional way in which PTS dealt with all of the challenges. There were many challenges to overcome, considering that the in-house development team had to implement many unique features during the project, which meant constant requests for changes. PTS’ robust change control system allowed for these changes throughout the project. Furthermore, PTS were able to keep any additional costs down by combining multiple requests, and discounting those that were considered as non-beneficial or in conflict with PCI requirement.

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