International Asset Management Company

With the assistance of PTS Consulting, the client successfully migrated its existing Data Centre and BCP operations to a single new site, reducing ongoing operational costs and improving efficiency.



London, UK


Due to the merger of two companies, the client wanted to consolidate its existing Data Centre and BCP sites into a single new new site. The lease contract cancellation for the existing Data Centre and BCP site had been completed, giving the client a fixed window in which to complete the project. The client employed PTS Consulting Group (PTS) to help co-ordinate the IT migration, including all necessary Moves Adds and Changes to create a single new BCP site and decommission the two existing sites.


  • Specialist IT Project Management for BCP site construction
  • Definition and management of the Moves Adds and Changes for all furniture and IT equipment from the existing two BCP sites
  • Documentation of guidelines for business access to the new BCP site
  • Reduction of BCP costs

“PTS also documented guidelines for business access to the new BCP site. PTS developed an operational manual for the client’s general service department that contained procedures and instructions for building access, detailing entry and exit procedures for the new BCP site and the management of vendor access to the building.”


The client was delighted with the project outcome. By consolidating two sites into one, the client’s ongoing BCP operational costs have been considerably reduced and its redefined processes are more robust.

The client thanked PTS profusely for ensuring the smooth running of the project and also retained PTS resource to support BAU processes after project completion.

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