Museums of Liverpool

PTS Consulting provided National Museums of Liverpool with an IT infrastructure to serve the multimedia spaces being designed to enhance the visitor experience



Liverpool, UK


Immersive multimedia was to be designed into the heart of the visitor experience and the supporting ICT infrastructure had to serve these exciting new spaces, in addition to research facilities, third party services, outside broadcast support, high-density flat screen technologies and normal back-office functions. The usual challenges of introducing


  • Cabling infrastructure densities and distributions
  • WAN research options
  • Enhancements of the public galleries, such as audio-visual
  • Voice services
  • Broadcast and TV production services
  • Operational considerations and interfaces to concept exhibition theatres

“During 2005, National Museums of Liverpool commissioned PTS to develop an inspiring, workable and costed ICT Strategy to provide the capability and flexibility for future detailed design.”


As the project progressed, the baseline ICT Strategy guided project management, technical direction, contributions to the professional team meetings, ICT issues and planning workshops and budget development. Finally, it offered the definitive technical instruction contained in the IT Brief for the Mechanical and Electrical Functions.

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