University of London International Academy Case Study

Guidance and direction from PTS Consulting lead the University of London down the right path to change regarding their software systems.



London, UK

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The University of London was founded in 1836 and consists of 18 self-governing colleges and 10 smaller, specialist research institutes. The university hosts 135,000 campus-based students and is the UK’s second-largest university. There are over 54,000 students studying in 180 different countries with the university’s international programmes.

The Challenges

The University of London was in the process of 18-month lifecycle programme designed to replace the university’s Student Administration System. The project was set to utilise internal development teams who would write the code from source. The project was 3.5 years overdue and was still far from completion.

The University of London commented: “Our software project has managed to upset all the stakeholders and the operational management has no wherewithal to even start to consider how to complete the project, let alone complete it”

PTS Solutions

PTS Consulting engaged with the University of London’s stakeholders and project members in order to establish the underlying cause of the problems experienced on the project so far. By gaining a wide consensus from all parties involved, PTS was able to diagnose the issues and advised that a transformational programme was essential rather than a software delivery project designed to deliver the change. Once this was identified, it became clear that the solution was to take a different approach to delivery.

As a result, PTS was subsequently tasked with ensuring that stakeholders were re-engaged with the project and were satisfied that the programme would meet ‘their’ needs. This was achieved via data gathering and a ‘Request for Information’ (RFI) process.

By the time the RFI process was completed, there was a universal consensus as to the strategy needed to ensure the transformation and the correct delivery of a software tool.

The Results

The involvement of PTS Consulting has ensured that the project is now on track and now includes a stakeholder buy-in, clear roles and plans and is now proceeding with a transformation programme in the confidence that the software tools will be delivered “fit for purpose” as required.


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