Our Story

39 Years of Innovation

  • 1983

    Roots in Construction

    We started in 1983, as a wholly-owned subsidiary of construction company Shoralplan Ltd. Installing the essential IT elements of buildings, we connected business through telephony. Our clients were mostly overseas banks, setting up headquarters in London. Over time, we’ve seen our client base grow and become increasingly diverse.

  • 1987

    Planned Telecom Services Ltd.

    In 1987, we changed our name to Planned Telecom Services Ltd.

  • 1990

    Management Buyout


    In 1990, CEO Kevin Perrett led a management buyout with ten employees. You’ll still see a few around the office today. During the 90’s we expanded our services and gained our first international office. By 1995 we established PTS Managed Services alongside our office in Japan.

  • 2000

    PTS Goes Global

    We celebrated the turn of the millenium with a new home and name change. Planned Telecom Services became PTS Consulting and 50 Liverpool Street our new HQ. Over the next decade, we continued to grow. New global offices were opened in the US, Canada, Middle East, and Asia.

  • 2010

    Converging Technologies

    Along the way, we acquired new businesses and transformed our service offering. Partnership Education, security consultants CHQ, and AV Consultancies, MJC and MAG Group all became part of the PTS Consulting Group. Bringing IT and AV together, we could provide a converged approach to technology.

  • 2021

    Appetite for Growth

    Today, we continue to evolve. We’re adapting to new market trends, pushing towards smarter, more innovative solutions. PTS recently took the opportunity to adopt a brighter look that reflects who we are, how we support our growing client base and our company values.

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