About Us

Our mission helps you to
achieve your vision

PTS offers clients a personalised service to transform their operations through technology. We combine visionary thinking and strategic guidance with innovative design and practical implementation to ensure technology transforms, engages, and optimises.


Our Mission

At PTS we use our passion for technology and people to enable others to reach their potential. By continuously evolving, solving problems, and seeking to elevate our staff and our clients, we strive to enable you to do more. Our mission helps you to achieve your vision.



Our Values

Focus and Balance

We recognise that our world-class people are our greatest asset. We are committed to our goals and mission, whilst recognising the importance of a work/life balance and wellbeing.

Drive Connection

Communication drives connection between colleagues, clients and new ideas. We strive to always drive connection for ourselves and our clients to facilitate growth.

Seek to Elevate

We conduct ourselves with integrity. We have strong morals and are true to our word. In respecting and trusting ourselves and others, we engender an environment which elevates people and ideas to continually raise standards.

Embrace Curiosity

We work across multiple disciplines, sectors and demographics; therefore, it is important for us to be open to new ideas. In embracing our curiosity and exploring new ideas, we open the door to greater innovation.

A message from our MD

PTS Australia cherishes the opportunity to provide high value services for our Australian clients, and understand our clients, specific needs around the country. We are inspired by people, our clients, our team and the industry stakeholders that come together to create transformative digital projects. We ensure that everything we do aligns with the PTS corporate values. We genuinely strive to help our clients solve their technology transformation challenges by first listening intently and then providing a professional and customised approach to their needs whether it be representing a global client in the local market, assisting local organisations with local or global projects or managing international projects from our Australian base. It is my personal commitment that our clients and our staff all have the same high-quality experience with PTS and that our robust processes and knowledge of how to deliver successful results are applied in the spirit of collaboration and with transparency.




– Chris Hughes | Managing Director

Our Story

38 years of innovation

PTS started life as a subsidiary of a London-based interior construction company, integrating IT installations into construction programmes. By 1990, we were independent and started to expand our service offerings and export our skills to other countries. Today, we provide a converged approach to technology within the Data Centre and Built Environment and provide ongoing support through PTS Managed Services, all on a global basis.