Smart Campus Consultants

PTS works with University Estates and Digital teams to develop Intelligent Campus Strategies for their masterplans and buildings. As independent consultants, we also provide digital design services on capital programmes, including smart buildings, networks/Wi-Fi, audio visual systems, collaboration technologies, IT infrastructure, Data Centres, and security. We have worked with over 110 Universities over 38 years.

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AUDE 2021

Thank you to everyone who visited our virtual stand at AUDE 2021. We look forward to following up with you all.

Watch our Panel Session

In our panel session with the University of Birmingham, we discussed how the University reconsidered the relationship between Estates and IT, developing new and distinct roles and responsibilities across both teams to promote innovation.

Watch the Panel Session

Our Expertise

PTS is an independent Consulting and Project Management firm providing IT, AV, Infrastructure and Security services across all RIBA stages of Construction-led Projects. If you are embarking on a landmark new build development or refurbishment on campus, we believe that our technology expertise and construction experience can deliver significant value to the project.

Capturing your IT vision at the earliest stages

Involvement at the earliest stages allows us to have the appropriate dialogue with Architects, Cost Consultants and the wider team to ensure that your vision for IT is captured and implemented.

Free e-Brochure & Workshop

Our Experience

PTS have worked with over 110 Universities over 38 years.

Free e-Brochure & Workshop

Free Smart Campus Strategy e-Brochure & Workshop

The ingredients of a Smart Campus are already available. The challenge is following the right recipe…The result is a vision of a Smart Campus that aligns to the University strategy, captures the imagination, and provides clear guidance to all stakeholders on the practical next steps they must undertake to make it work.

Take the first step on your smart campus journey today by downloading our free Smart Campus Strategy e-brochure. Our team will then be in touch to arrange your free workshop.