Creating Meaningful Experiences

The PTS Podcast – Episode 8



Technology advances so quickly that its application rarely settles for long. The near endless possibilities of technology need constantly grounding and translating into practical applications to deliver the highest quality experiences for users in home and commercial environments.

Which interfaces and systems can we rely on and develop to improve the user experience? Which technologies of today will provide the foundations for the rooms and experiences of tomorrow? How do we filter through the endless possibilities made available to us through technological advancements, push through the ‘Headless Chicken Phase’, and build meaningful experiences?

In this episode, we welcome Cliff Stammers, Managing Director at Clever Rooms Ltd., for an open conversation on the latest in integrated software and development of advanced systems and interfaces that can improve the user experience. Cliff, Kevin and Dan discuss where we are today, take a deep dive into technology and user experience, bring true building intelligence into the picture, and debate the trends that are likely to shape the future of our technological experiences.


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