Data Centre Construction Company

PTS developed a range of governance, operational policy, process and procedural documentation to allow a construction organisation to bid for and win Data Centre Operational / Facilities Management contracts.



The Client, an established Data Centre design and build construction company, required assistance from PTS to advise on the Operational Management of multiple Data Centres and to develop bespoke policies, processes and procedures to use as collateral to go to market.

A design and build contractor, who specialises in the construction of complex critical facilities, which includes Data Centres, in sectors such as healthcare, semiconductors, and life sciences approached PTS to assist with a new business it wanted to deliver. The contractor had recently developed a strategy to enter the facility management (FM) sector which will focus on Data Centre FM. The strategy was to enter this market by leveraging the Data Centres it has constructed and to deliver a design, build and operate business model to its customers. This business strategy was in its infancy prior to contacting PTS, and, over the course of 13 months, the two companies worked together on a number of strands of work to build up the necessary sales and operational collateral. The client received several RFPs from its design and build clients, and wished to best position itself to respond effectively to them as well as approach other clients with the same or similar proposition.


The vision for the Client is to be able to assure potential clients that it is able to deliver and maintain a world-class Data Centre environment.

PTS worked with the Client, to help it reuse its embedded skills, knowledge, experience and expertise from building and delivering world-class facilities, in order to deliver ongoing excellence in operations and support. This was done via a set of operational materials that can be re-applied at multiple locations and clients. PTS assisted the Client in developing these documents to satisfy its overall client objectives and requirements, and, in a separate engagement, used the collateral, along with newly-developed material to respond to a significant RFP it had received.

PTS engaged with the Client in four main strands of work:

Strand 1

To build up sales collateral to allow the Client to go to market with a credible set of Data Centre operational management documentation that outlined: target mobilisation strategies, target operating models, overall Data Centre governance policy and a description of the dataset of documents that would be used in an operational or facilities management engagement.


Strand 2

To provide ongoing client-side advice and guidance, with assistance in selecting and interviewing candidates for the senior role of Data Centre Manager at a new site in Frankfurt, Germany.


Strand 3

To produce a large set of proposal collateral including usable operational documentation containing detailed policies, processes and procedures, and a sustainability audit (using the EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres (Energy Efficiency) as a reference) against the proposed operating model.


Strand 4

To produce a large set of proposal materials, responding directly to the technical questionnaire the Client had received, to provide full responses and develop new materials and collateral where necessary.


PTS also engaged with the Client team to ensure that the Key Stakeholders were satisfied that they would be receiving the right level of detailed documentation, to the acceptable level of quality that would impress their potential clients.

The PTS development of the facilities management documentation was done through a collaborative, partnership approach that was built on a positive relationship with the Client.


PTS acted as a critical friend to the Client while meeting the challenging deadlines required for the Client’s response to an Operational Management RFP.

The Client has expressed a wish to continue the partnership, retaining PTS to provide continual advice and guidance should all the hard work that has been achieved together result in more successful wins for the new Client business.

PTS proved yet again that it is the right partner to help the Client on future projects.

“…PTS demonstrated the true value of consultancy support to our business. I think it’s fair to say that off the back of the effort & knowledge of the PTS team we have been able to win our 1st FM contract and potentially be positioned to win another from a high-value client”


– Data Centre Construction Company


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