Global Banking Organisation

Successful migration to two new Data Centre facilities for Global Banking Organisation



As rare and critical events, Data Centre Migrations should be considered high-risk projects. The migration of IT services and applications to facilities in the UK and Luxembourg from facilities in the Channel Islands was no different for this client, a Global Banking Organisation. Looking to relocate its IT service, including the user’s virtual desktop and email environment, and ensure compliance with local regulations, the Bank sought the assistance of PTS Consulting, having engaged with the Data Centre team on past projects.


  • Two future-proof Data Centre environments fully capable of meeting the client’s needs today and well into the future
  • Fully tested environments that support the client’s critical business activities
  • Meticulously planned 15-month Data Centre migration
  • Minimised operational downtime
  • Relocation of 85 applications hosted on 219 servers and 700 users to new Digital Desktop Infrastructure

By working collaboratively with the client and its associated vendors throughout the whole project, despite the challenges that had been identified, the overall migration activity from start to finish was completed in a 15-month timeframe


The 15-month project involved relocating 85 applications hosted on 219 servers and migrating 700 users to a new Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and 686 users to individual MS Exchange mailboxes, which was highly regarded as one of PTS’s most complex Data Centre migrations ever. Furthermore, a significant number of legacy instances were identified and retired.

PTS staged a series of migration events with the business-critical Production environment migrated in one large-scale event due to being so inextricably interwoven and cross dependent. Despite being a high-risk strategy, PTS’s experience, and proven migration techniques minimised risks from the start. Once complete, the team performed a final disaster recovery failover exercise to validate the success of the migration.

PTS’s collaborative and meticulous approach to the project, combined with Data Centre experience and knowledge, provided the Bank with the proper support for the hugely ambitious project. As a result, the Client has a clear view of its new Data Centre environment, which is more suited to support the organisation’s expansion in the digital age. Furthermore, the support PTS provided in supplementing the Client’s existing team with extensive knowledge and experience ensured the successful delivery of the project and assured the Client that any future Data Centre projects will be in safe hands.

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