Global Financial Services Organisation

Addressing and eliminating accrued Technical Debt of the organisation across its primary IT applications and services.



Prolonged underinvestment in the upkeep of the organisation’s IT infrastructure had left it with a substantial amount of “technical debt” with respect to hardware and software, thereby exposing the corporation to multiple risks (operational, reputational, financial, etc.).

Following a competitive bid and selection process, PTS was awarded the initial phase of the programme, scheduled for a year, to remediate the accrued technical debt related to the organisations most critical IT applications and services.

Following the success of the initial engagement and a further tender process, the organisation again turned to PTS to deliver the next tranche.


Program prioritization, resource allocation, dependency identification, third-party vendor relationship management were the most significant of the multiple challenges, coupled with an ever-changing baseline asset inventory spawned out of the CMDB.

PTS adopted a 3-phase approach, covering Discovery, Analysis and Planning, and Execution, wrapped in a blanket of rigorous project governance and control. In addition, PTS resources formed collaborative and close alliances with the various siloed areas of operations within the organisation, bridging the gaps between the application owners and the IT Infrastructure tower leads.

PTS Project Managers drove the client teams through the entire remediation lifecycle. Producing specifications for new server build/installations, code development/testing, migration from development through UAT and BUAT to Production/DR environments. Once systems and components were deemed to be back in compliance, PTS then followed up, driving the decommissioning efforts and ensuring all bookkeeping entries (device inventory tool) were updated.

Completed full-stack remediation of 130 critical applications for the client reducing overall risk within the organisation to meet compliance standards.


  • Updated the most critical application in the company to fully compliant platforms for future years ​
  • Structured a non-invasive remediation approach with local application teams​
  • Established methodology and processes to enable the client to execute lifecycle activities at pace and scale.
  • Developed a software-based tool to manage and co-ordinate the multiple data sets and project plans to facilitate streamlined project and programme reporting and risk and issue management
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