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Digital Transformation Business Case

Digital Transformation report and business case that lays out the intended future hybrid cloud platform, a Target Operating Model and provides a full business case broken down by individual Business Unit.




Hutchison Ports is looking at transforming its global enterprise infrastructure across forty-eight business units, utilising the latest technology and infrastructure to develop and support new and innovative terminal operations.

With forty-eight business units currently developing and running their own IT services, which attract many variations in application selection and deployments, there is now a need to transform and transition the existing estate to consolidate and standardise on a common application and infrastructure architecture to progress and grow the business.

Given such a wide deployment of IT infrastructure, there is a recognition of opportunities in improving efficiencies through economies of scale in the delivery of IT services across the Hutchison Ports estate.


PTS was engaged by Hutchison Ports on the initial Transformational Strategy and Business Case Development assignment, providing subject matter expertise that undertook a review of the strategy developed previously, the current asset and business operations data, and produced a Transformation and Transition Strategy and Business Case for Hutchison Ports to present to its group management.

The developed Target Operating Model (TOM) encompassed the utilisation of a hybrid cloud solution aligning to best of breed cloud services providers, removing many inherent delivery risks, improving flexibility and agility in the delivery of IT services globally, whilst reducing overall running costs, and developing a roadmap for transformation.


Based on PTS’ understanding of the requirements, PTS helped Hutchison Ports to collaboratively develop and agree a Transformation and Transition Strategy and Business Case that encompasses:

  • The transformation and transition to “an always available” IT infrastructure operations, protecting the ports’ business continuity
  • Identification of opportunities to:
    Streamline IT operations (through global standard models for delivery)
  • Reduce single point of failures (SPoF) in the delivery of business-critical IT services
  • Implement a private global resilient network with direct connectivity into Cloud services providers
  • Undertake a costs analysis and where available, recognise efficiency savings
  • Undertook an applications assessment identifying critical systems that maintain terminal operations and developed a solution that encompasses onsite and offsite infrastructure operations

PTS identified significant opportunities for the Ports to transform and transition its global IT infrastructure, organisational model and recognise improvements and efficiencies in the delivery of IT services through implementation of common architecture, standardisation of delivery best practices, models and processes, and consolidation and delivery of common.

“PTS provides us with deep expertise regarding our IT facilities, operating experience in our Asia Pacific markets, and highly responsive support.”

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