Large Global Bank

Disaster Recovery Failover Process Automation and Orchestration



The client had engaged in a Disaster Recovery (DR) assessment with PTS. One key element of the go-forward plan was applying Automation &Orchestration (A&O) capabilities to the current manual DR runbook processes. This was needed to cut the overall cumulative recovery time in the event of a disaster. Therefore, the first challenge was to select the best A&O tool for the bank and then to work with the selected vendor on implementation planning.


PTS worked with the client to produce a comprehensive Proof-of-Concept (PoC) for multiple A&O software vendors. The PoC brought a team of client SME’s together, created requirements documents, managed the vendor workstreams, created a rating algorithm, and wrote all the evaluation documents. Next, the team used the process to select a product and vendor. PTS then worked with the client to onboard the vendor with the correct technical discovery details for this very complex project. As a result, the client was able to select an A&O vendor with the assurance that proper due diligence had been followed. The A&O project thus became the first significant effort to begin execution under the banks’ broader DR initiatives.


  • The bank was able to show proper due diligence in the selection of A&O software and vendor
  • The bank gained a clear understanding of its technical issues and roadmap items with the vendor that still need to be resolved
  • The bank was able to move forward with the execution phase of this critical piece of their broader DR initiative
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