Leading Financial Institution

Led the upgrade of Shared Infrastructure assets to supported levels



The Client was presented with a significant challenge to bring all End of Life and End of Service (EOL/EOS) Shared Infrastructure components to current release levels or replace them with newer technology, including Storage Devices, Network Switches, and ESX Clusters. The Client did not have the resources or the experience to manage the Lifecycle remediation process independently. Failure to complete the migration Lifecycle project would lead to product support agreements ending, putting the Client customers at risk.


PTS provided a team of highly skilled Technical Project Managers to perform discovery, planning, and remediation activities to support the lifecycle objective of EOL Infrastructure hardware. PTS was responsible for procurement planning, managing migration schedules, migration support, and database reconciliation. PTS successfully managed the migration of network switch devices,  storage devices, and ESX Hosts. Targets established at the beginning of the project were successfully completed.


  • Up to date versions and new hardware for Shared Infrastructure components reducing risk
  • Migration information led to a significant clean-up of the Client’s CMDB database
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