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PTS undertakes an independent assessment of Cloud Services suitability for private client law firms core ERP platform



The Client is recognised as a forward-thinking commercial and private client law firm delivering imaginative and incisive advice in the UK and internationally. From cross-border technology transfer agreements to sophisticated tax affairs, our solicitors have the expertise to achieve results.

The Client was in the process of considering a migration of some of its critical business applications (initially the core ERP platform) into a ’cloud’-based environment hosted off-premise and supported by a third party.

Before making any definitive decision on the migration of service, the Client’s business wished to gather some specific requirements to identify whether cloud services are appropriate for Law Firms and whether the specific supplier under review (CenturyLink) would be an appropriately suitable partner.


The project was conducted using a mixture of interviews to gather requirements and views, document reviews of the various cloud proposals, and some in-depth market research and analysis into the wider cloud marketplace and associated service offerings. The Client is a specialist in cloud contracts, so in many ways, PTS was augmenting this substantial expertise with some detailed analysis around the marketplace and delivery experience.

However, analysis and solution were not just to determine the final outcome but also the most effective roadmap for achieving the desired result.


The benefits to the Client of the PTS review into cloud services was that through an independent, consultative, and analysis-based assessment of requirements and delivery, a comprehensive communication and business case was generated whereby the partnership was able to form a consensus as to the best options for progressing the development of the IT services and systems.

“We are all happy with the high-quality work produced, including the level of communication you have maintained with us through this process….”

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