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A smart, proactive workspace automatically drives efficiency and cost-savings



London, EMEA


UBM’s relocation to the newly built 240 Blackfriars presented the opportunity for this forward-thinking organisation to become one of the early adopters of smart technology in a bid to drive efficiency and cost-savings.


• Desk-Booking System

• One-card access control systems

• AV integrated with HVAC

• Room Booking controls

• Frictionless user experience

Daylight and occupancy sensor-controlled lighting and zone-controlled heating reduced electricity usage by around 30%


In the early stages of planning for the new office space, UBM started looking at its desk occupancy rates. The investigation revealed that on average, staff occupied less than half of available desks. With the data in hand, the Client chose to reduce the number of desks and implement flexible working spaces, collaboration areas and quiet zones to prompt mobility and better cater to different needs of staff. This decision proved valuable in allowing UBM to save a significant amount of space and save on energy costs too. To receive power, users much book desks upon arrival using the one card system which provides access to follow-me-printing, lockers, cashless vending and office spaces. At 6pm each day, all desks not in use automatically shut down.

Users must also book meeting rooms in advance to receive access to facilities. Fifteen minutes before use, the HVAC systems and AV systems receive power and shut down if the room remains unoccupied. The automated power shutdowns save UBM significant amounts in energy costs, allowing the Client to be 33% more efficient. The Client can gain further efficiencies by analysing the data gathered from smart systems, enabling the organisation to further tweak and adapt the building.

An intelligent, efficient environment, however, relies heavily on technology and expertise to tie various disparate systems together. With extensive expertise in IT, AV and Security, PTS provided the Client with a fully integrated approach, and played a key role in finding a solution for the desk booking system- something which had never been done before. Physical infrastructure, cabling, networks and AV solutions enable mobility and drive connection and collaboration throughout the state-of-the-art workplace.

We believe that a truly smart building provides an optimised environment that improves the daily experience of staff while providing tangible benefits to the business. The new UBM headquarters certainly does this by generating significant cost savings, through automation and optimisation of the end-user experience. Right from the moment employees enter the building and book their desk for the day; each person has access to storage space and secure printing through one system. The technology throughout the building is easy to use despite the complex web of integration that sits behind the systems to create UBM’s intelligent, automated environment. The technology-rich, smart environment sparks creativity and collaboration within an office space that truly reflects the organisation’s forward-thinking, innovative nature.

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