Edinburgh St James

Redefining one of Europe’s most exciting capital cities



Edinburgh, UK


The Edinburgh St James project aims to redevelop disused council buildings with a state-of-the-art, prime shopping centre, a five-star hotel, multi-screen cinema, restaurants and residential apartments. The new project is a 1.7 million sq ft development that integrates the prestigious Maltrees Walk into the new central area of Edinburgh, known as the Galleria.


  • Automated initiation of adjacent technology
  • Automated alarm information presentation
  • Automated SOP presentation
  • Enhanced intelligence
  • 24/7 central device monitoring
  • United front-end
  • Improved situational awareness
  • Improved mental model
  • Single point of reporting and trend analysis


Providing a safe environment for business and the public is paramount in today’s climate of security threats. Crowded places, including shopping centres, are likely to feature in future terrorist attacks and although this project has no specific threat, the risk needs to be considered.

An extensive research project was undertaken to review the threats that could pose a risk to Edinburgh St James, their employees, the retail business, and the public. Crime statistics were analysed, the police and counter-terror advisors were consulted, and stakeholders were interviewed. The process established a list of vulnerabilities along with the threats and the likelihood of each one occurring.

PTS influenced the design of the complex to mitigate risks by designing security in, rather than placing it on top of a preconceived plan. The TVRA report provides a benchmark for future assessment to allow the regular review of the ever-changing threat profile.

“The TVRA report provides a benchmark for future assessment to allow the regular review of the ever-changing threat profile”

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