Flexible Global Workspaces

PTS was tasked with creating flexible, thoughtful workspaces equipped with the technological infrastructure that allows them to morph for different uses over time. Additionally, Linkedin sought to curate an enticing, employee-friendly experience that would make employees’ trips to the office a joy, not a hassle.





With offices largely empty as a result of the Covid pandemic, Linkedin, a leading professional networking platform with more than 675 million members, decided 2020 was the year to reenvision its office space for new paradigms of work. Linked launched the Reimagine initiative, beginning with about half of its office locations globally, including, London; New York City; Omaha, Nebraska; Chicago; Toronto; Singapore, Sydney and Dublin.

Linkedin wanted to reimagine its office footprints globally to harmonize its technology and space with new ways of working in a post-COVID world. Linkedin approached PTS to conceptualize an overarching workspace and technology strategy that would enable seamless task management and collaboration for all Linkedin employees regardless of their location on a map.

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