Strategy and implementation of 12 consistent global workspaces





With spaces to practice mindfulness and yoga, Salesforce’s focus on wellbeing and its employees makes it one of the best places to work in the US. As a tech-savvy organisation, Salesforce did not ignore the vital role technology plays in creating a great user experience. Its offices follow strict guidelines and standards to ensure the technology, regardless of location, is always easy to use and familiar.


• Consistent global technology solutions
• Simple meeting room solutions
• Chrome Box for Meetings 2.0


• Fortune – Best places to work in Europe

“The creation of a frictionless environment allows the company to uphold its reputation as a technologically advanced organisation”


Engaging PTS as a technology partner, Salesforce is in the process of upgrading offices stretching from Dublin to London, Germany, Switzerland, France, and Tel Aviv. PTS managed the technical designs taking into consideration the constraints posed by local regulations, requirements, and restrictions posed by older European buildings. Armed with local knowledge and extensive workplace expertise, the PTS team helped Salesforce to overcome the challenges to deliver twelve consistent office spaces successfully, on time and to budget.

As well as fitting out the new office spaces, PTS is currently running a programme of work to upgrade technology to the latest standards. This project involves the refresh of meeting room technologies and the installation of Chrome Box for Meetings 2.0. This new technology will reduce the amount of Audio-Visual equipment the client needs in each room, saving costs, and simplifying the user interface at the same time. With advice on the latest technology, trends, and best practices, the US-based company can further optimise its working environment.

A great workspace goes beyond simply creating spaces that improve the health and wellbeing of its staff. It must ensure employees can perform fundamental tasks with ease, frustration-free. Through on-going technology upgrades and maintaining standards, PTS provides the right technology to support staff in their work and as they communicate. The creation of a frictionless environment allows the company to uphold its reputation as a technologically advanced organisation and one of the best companies for which to work in Europe, In June 2018, Fortune honoured, naming it the Best Workplace in Europe, evidence that the Client’s European offices have successfully emulated the accomplishments of its American counterparts.

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