Take-Two Interactive

IT, AV & Robust Project Governance

Audio Visual expertise, wireless and cabling design, and robust project governance and coordination help to create a specialised, leading-edge London Headquarters for the Global Computer Games Publisher, Take-Two Interactive.



London, UK

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Take-Two Interactive, a Global Computer Games Publisher, wanted to upscale their London presence and create a new headquarters for their UK based staff. Moving to the west end from Windsor, the “wow factor” has never been more of a driver. The new office needed to be technology-rich but not distracting from the core workloads of various client teams. PTS were engaged, not only because of its understanding of the Audio Visual (AV) requirements but also its ability to provide wireless and cabling design along with robust project governance and coordination experience. 

Review and Analysis 

PTS were appointed to deliver wireless design, physical infrastructure design and turnkey AV documentation, hardware supply and installation – the client would remain responsible for the AV design. Alongside this PTS were also approached to assist with benchmarking and recommending an LED video wall solution for the entrance and reception area to the building. 

PTS undertook a knowledge transfer approach working closely with the client in the early stages of the project to understand the requirements for wireless and physical infrastructure. 

Key areas that were evaluated: 

  • Wireless coverage both in the interior and exterior zones of the building 
  • Wireless technology types – Wi-Fi 5 versus Wi-Fi 6 
  • Wi-Fi first or Wi-Fi second 
  • Landlord areas and wireless coverage 
  • User requirements for physical infrastructure 
  • POE requirements for physical infrastructure 
  • Power loadings for the MDF and IDF 
  • Cooling loadings for the MDF and IDF 
  • Floor loading limits 
  • Creation of riser routes 
  • Containment routing 
  • Cable capacities in shallow ceiling and floor voids 
  • Devices for connectivity 
  • Design generation and issue for tender 

AV and Video Wall Approach

PTS were integral in underwriting the client AV and ensuring it was fit for purpose within the building. This was especially important as the design team were based out of the US. PTS were responsible for: 

  • Documenting all elements of the design 
  • Creating AV signal flows in Vectorworks for approvals and build-out 
  • Creating the document pack for construction issues
  • Procuring all of the AV and video wall hardware 
  • Managing the onsite installation team and coordinating with the main contractor 
  • Mitigating design impacts throughout 
  • Driving building structural changes for the installation of the video wall 
  • Managing the installation of the video wall whilst the site was still under construction 

Project Governance

The Client required PTS to own and reinforce the project governance throughout and to report back accordingly at key milestones of the project. This was achieved through robust tools and well established, open relationships. 

Key areas of note are: 

  • Regular reviews of the main construction programme 
  • Coordination of IT and AV teams and close working relationships with the main contractor 
  • Weekly meetings with the client and the design team 
  • Monitoring of the RAID log and appropriate escalation when required 
  • Weekly reporting 
  • Site progress photos and video 
  • Knowledgeable and reliable project team 

“We have been impressed with the way the PTS team operate and their take on the overall project management. [PTS] have been accommodating, flexible and are more than technically competent. [PTS] have also been to upscale where required at short notice.” 


Employing the built environment expertise offered by PTS resulted in clear and tangible benefits to the client.  

  • A clear line of communication and one single point of contact for all areas of the project 
  • Localised knowledge for a US-based design team 
  • Turnkey delivery of the AV allowing for rapid upscaling and downscaling during design changes 
  • Unsurpassed AV technical knowledge and a proactive and flexible installation team 
  • Agnostic approach to both the physical infrastructure and wireless designs 
  • Meeting the client’s design brief whilst staying within budget 
  • An ongoing rapport with the client lead to an additional 5 projects globally 

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